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High Energy D-Ribose Description

High Energy D-Ribose is a versatile product that has two main groups of users; the first group are people with muscular disorders, where they suffer from a lack of energy – people with ME, MS, and other debilitating problems that affect the functionality of muscles. A lot of these muscular problems can be alleviated, or in some cases eliminated when the problem is lack of energy at cellular level rather than neurological.

The second main group of HEDR users are athletes, or people recovering from muscle trauma. Taken immediately before and after exercise, HEDR prevents that muscle stiffness that often comes after strenuous exercise. In other cases, muscle trauma can be caused by surgical intervention, such as after a heart or hernia operation. Taking three heaped teaspoons of HEDR a day can dramatically reduce recovery time and improve the prognosis after the operation.

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HEDR is available only in Powder form, because the product is impossible to condense into small enough tablets to make using tablets viable.

High Energy D-Ribose Tubs

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  • 2 Month supply per pot!

HEDR Powder Tub 160g

high energy dribose
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How to use High Energy D-Ribose

Take 1 to 3 grams, between 1 and 3 times a day. Some people prefer to take the HEDR after eating. Generally people start with a ‘loading phase’ of taking more initially, and then cut down to a level sufficient to maintain their energy levels. Athletes tend to take 1 to 2 heaped teaspoons before and after exercise. It can be used with other supplements as required.

Best NOT to take HEDR for two or three hours before going to sleep, as it ‘revs’ you up.

Using HEDR to Help with Tissue Repair

Because of the way HEDR supplies energy at cellular level, it can help repair damaged tissue quickly. Most often, damaged tissue is muscle, and muscle tissue needs as much energy as possible to repair itself. This can be assisted by also supplementing with Xylotene® which helps our natural production of collagen.

Other things to consider

HEDR is based on Ribose which is a rare but essential sugar, and is the core energy source of every cell in the body. Diabetics should carefully monitor blood-sugar levels when taking HEDR. As experts on rare sugars at Sweet Cures, we suggest that people do not take HEDR if they are using our weight loss/blood-sugar regulating product, Diabetrose®.

Using HEDR to Maintain Energy

Many people find that substituting sweeteners/household sugar with HEDR is a great way to maintain their energy levels. So if you tend to use a spoonful of sugar in tea or coffee, try using HEDR instead. It can also be sprinkled on yogurts or breakfast cereal.

Why choose HEDR?

Our HEDR is different from the Ribose supplied by most other firms because of our stringent quality controls. Sweet Cures has our HEDR produced to our own specifications of absolute purity. Our view is that whilst some ribose is sold at a price we can’t even have it purified for, we won’t compromise, and our customers since 2003 have always appreciated our safety standards.

  • 100% Natural.

  • 100% Bioactive.

  • Trusted Worldwide by thousands of users - See our Customer Stories Here.

  • Normally received the next day.

  • Supported by an fully trained customer service team with over 10 years’ experience

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