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About Us

The British Sugar Factory, famous in York since 1926, finally closed its doors in 2007. However, York is still leading the world in the supply and distribution of rare sugars.

Since 2007, Sweet Cures® has specialised in Healthy & Essential Sugars such as D-Mannose, D- Ribose, L-Arabinose Plus, and D-Xylose. These sugars are distributed from York throughout the world.

Sweet Cures founder and Managing Director, Anna Sawkins, is supported by an expert team who share a passion for naturally safe, plant based products, produced without potentially harmful excipients. We hold the view that there is no point in taking something to make you well while also ingesting something which may be harmful. We only work with 100% pure ingredients.

Natural Health food supplements offer credible alternatives to customers. Independent Reevoo reviews for Sweet Cures products show how much they are appreciated. We have a duty of care which drives responsible and ethical practice at every stage of production, packaging, information sharing and customer care.

Our flagship product Waterfall D-Mannose® , a long established and trusted brand, provides relief from urine infections for thousands of people every day.

Widely available in good pharmacies, clinics, therapists and health shops all over the world, we also sell direct to the public. We receive heart-warming email every day from people who have escaped the cycle of infection and reinfection after discovering our bio-active Waterfall D-Mannose .

Waterfall D-Mannose is bio-active, natural and completely safe for short and long term use.

Other Healthy Sugars

High Energy D-Ribose™

High Energy D-Ribose™ is a versatile product suitable for two main groups; the first group is people with muscular disorders suffering from a lack of energy - people with ME, MS, and other debilitating problems that affect the functionality of muscles. A lot of these muscular problems can be alleviated, or in some cases eliminated when the problem is lack of energy at cellular level rather than a neurological symptom. The second main group of High Energy D-Ribose™ users are athletes, or people recovering from muscle trauma. Taken immediately before and after exercise, High Energy D-Ribose™ prevents that muscle stiffness that often comes after strenuous exercise. Our High Energy D-Ribose™ is a superior product because of our stringent focus on COA. Sweet Cures has our High Energy D-Ribose™ produced to our unique specifications of absolute purity.

L-Arabinose Plus®

When the sugar-rush from eating reaches a particular level, our body realises we are not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver. Excess glycogen is then converted into fat for long-term storage. Taking L-Arabinose Plus half an hour before meals can help break the fat storage cycle. The effects of the L Arabinose glyconutrient on stabilising sugar levels and helping with weight loss is extremely well documented in many clinical research papers worldwide.


Our wonderful Xylotene product is one of our most popular because of its multi-facetted health benefits. Xylotene is known to aid tissue repair by supporting the body in naturally produce collagen which has an immediate anti-inflammatory effect. Long-term, it gradually assists in building strong bones, stops and can even reverse leaching of calcium from the bones. This redistribution of calcium together with cross-linking collagen molecules is beneficial in multiple ways. Note that Xylotene is also very effective for gum health and preventing tooth decay. People who use it regularly report that they get no more dental cavities, and that mouth ulcers disappear within a day of application.

Other products that our customers love because they work so well

Probiotic Blend®

Sweet Cures Special Probiotic Blend provides the friendly bacteria that power the immune system with an unbeatable blend of nine different gut bacteria, including L Rhamnosus and L Plantarum. Shipped in a freeze dried state, the bacteria come back to life when they are exposed to moisture and body temperature. Once activated, the friendly bacteria immediately begin their work of fighting pathogens, releasing enzymes that activate immune factors, and protecting the body from invaders from the outside world.

UTI Test 5V®

Sweet Cures own dedicated test Strips are a fast and easy-to-use indicator of 5 main elements showing you more precisely the contents of your urine. You can manage the pH of your urine, check for nitrites and infection and monitor your progress. We enclose an information sheet but please see a doctor or urologist for a more detailed interpretation of the results of the test strips.

Eco Certified: Wild Oregano Oil C80®

Sometimes we need extra help when fighting infection. Our Wild Oregano Oil C80 is up to 1000 times stronger than some brands on the market, and has a formidable reputation as a potent broad-spectrum antimicrobial. It cannot be put in to capsules. This means that whatever type of infection you are dealing with, adding C80 to the regime will help. For example, people use the C80 to defeat tooth abscesses, when they can’t take or are allergic to antibiotics. When taken in relatively high doses, traces of oil have been shown to appear in the urine, indicating the C80 passing through the bladder. This is why it is used against complex urine infections when multiple strains of bacteria are involved and antibiotic resistance is suspected. Organic oregano oil can also be an essential tool in the fight against a variety of parasites both internally and externally. It has been shown to be effective against: tape worms, bed bugs, lice, fleas and round worms, fungal infections, molluscum contagiosum, candida albicans, vaginal infections, staph infections, salmonella and E. coli.

New, safe agents are needed to overcome harmful infections. We postulate that essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil) ... offer such possibilities.

Georgetown University Medical Centre.

Company History

Although the British Sugar Factory closed its doors in 2007, York continues purveying rare sugars to the world. Sweet Cures , based where the old sugar factory used to be, specialises in healthy sugars.

D-Mannose, D-Ribose, D-Xylose and Xylitol (commonly referred to as “essential” sugars) are sent from York throughout the world daily and scientific understanding of the importance of these healthy sugars continues to grow.

Most people know that too much of some sugars, such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose are bad for us. Although they provide a fast energy boost, they can also contribute to obesity, rotten teeth and even diabetes. Few people however, fully understand that certain rare sugars are just as essential to the health of our body and immune system. That the lack of them leads to health problems.

Otherwise known as glyconutrients, there are eight nutritional, plant based monosaccharide sugars that are the first building blocks for carbohydrates and glycoproteins in our bodies. Glycoproteins are the key to proper and effective inter-cellular and extra-cellular communication and adequate total body function, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “Sugars That Heal”. They are now considered as important to health as good fats (essential fatty acids).

Most people have heard of using glucosamine for healthy joints (as the name would suggest, it is a sugar), but other sugars have even more important functions: D-Mannose for example, is used for a healthy bladder, prostate, and urinary tract, achieving remarkable results since the relationship between bacteria and D-Mannose was discovered in the 1950s.

Personal experience of cystitis and kidney infections over 30 years and the adverse effects of antibiotic therapy led Anna Sawkins ( Sweet Cures ’ Founder and Managing Director) to find an effective and safe approach to bladder health and thus Sweet Cures came in to being in 2003. The side effects that Anna suffered are the motivating force behind our commitment to 100% purity and we will never betray these values or our customers.

The Company was and remains dedicated to eradicating painful cystitis and related bladder conditions safely through its flagship product Waterfall D Mannose ® but today a range of quality and trusted products are offered to Sweet Cures customers along with support, information and customer care.

Our Way of Doing Things

Sweet Cures® is not just a business; we aim to provide an excellent service to our customers.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products available, and unlike many other companies who 'drop-ship' other people's products, and are thus not in control of either quality or deliveries, Waterfall D-Mannose® is manufactured and packed here in York, in our “clean room” facility, and immediately dispatched directly to you. It is a pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is nothing better on the market. With Waterfall D-Mannose soluble powder, you just get pure natural 100% bio-active D Mannose. Nobody knows more about using D Mannose to help urinary tract, bladder, and prostate problems than we do, and in particular, we know our own products, how they work, why they work and how to use them to achieve the best effect.

We have resisted passing over phone calls to a call-centre to 'take orders'. If you call us, you'll get through to someone at Sweet Cures who knows what you are going through, and who will talk to you person to person. What we've found is that that's how you help people. If you need to know how to use Waterfall D-Mannose for your baby, your cat, your grandmother, or your husband's prostate problem, we have the answer to all these and more, and are happy to help you.

Our promise to you:

We will try our very best to help you in any way we can with informed support, to feel good and be as healthy as you can.

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

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