Sweet Cures Affiliate Program

sweet cures affiliate program

We're delighted to announce that we have teamed up with AWIN to provide our affiliate program. The new program was launched on the 5th of June and is already receiving a lot of interest. If you have a website or blog or are a product influencer you can make money by joining the Sweet Cures affiliate program.

Why should I join?

How do I join?

Sign up with AWIN and create a publisher account here: https://www.awin.com/gb/publishers

Once approved on AWIN, search for the Sweet Cures affiliate program and request to join. Our team will approve or deny your request based on the details given of your site / business proposition.

Why are some affiliates declined?

We decline some affiliates where we feel there isn't a brand harmony between our site and an affiliate's site, with some examples being, unrelated content, low DA scoring, unprofessional content and unfinished sites. Where possible a reason will be given, and unsuccessful applicants can reapply after 6 months, once any highlighted concerns have been resolved.

What content can I use?

We ask affiliates to only use the marketing materials provided in AWIN.

Content must never be copied from any of our websites, social media or literature, in any form. You are welcome to read and learn about our products and research, but please ensure all information is rewritten in its entirety. An affiliate found copying content stands the risk of being removed from the Sweet Cures affiliate program without warning and/or suspension of payment for any sales achieved.

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