Safe Products & Recyclable Packaging

recyclable packaging

Sweet Cures® ethos has always been to create the purest products from the very best that nature has to offer, using no chemical accelerators to speed up the process and adding no filers or bulking agents. You can be safe in the knowledge that everything that’s in Sweet Cures products is natural and, more importantly, there for a reason - so no nasty excipients ever. Our products are sourced from Natures finest and manufactured using traditional methods to exacting standards, then tracked and packed throughout the process by ourselves, we can guarantee both standards and purity.

In 2013 we developed new packaging for our Waterfall D-Mannose® tablets. After listening to feedback from our customers we created a new packaging solution that fits easily through our customers letterboxes and is discrete enough to carry in a handbag or pocket. Whilst the new packaging solution requires a little more material we’ve designed everything to be recyclable. The pocket packs, instructions, green outer packaging, leaflets and the shipping box can all be recycled. In fact, the vast majority of our packaging can be recycled, so whether you order D Mannose, L-Arabinose Plus or UTI Test 5V® Urine Test Strips, or any product from us you can be sure we’ve done our bit to keep the carbon footprint from our packaging as low as possible.