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Tetraplegic with UTIs

Andy's Story

tetraplegic with utis

After an RTA in 1971 I was left a complete Tetraplegic at c 6/7. For the first few years I had very few problems with UTIs, but as the years went by I seemed to be getting more and more unwell and it was always diagnosed as urine infections which resulted in more and more antibiotics to the extent that I was ending up at the local hospital on an antibiotic drip and goodness knows, was I feeling ill.

And because now most of the antibiotics didn't seem to have any long term success I was referred to urology specialists and underwent several surgical operations. This helped for a short while, but the UTIs soon came back with a vengeance and I was once again I was so damn ill, I had just about had enough and I felt I couldn't take this anymore. From being completely independent I was needing more and more help and it was affecting my life badly.

Then, in about 2002 when I noticed a small article in the paper (Daily Mail) talking about urine problems. There were a couple of natural products mentioned and one of them was called Mannose. Although it was quite expensive, I thought I will give it a try and I bought Waterfall D Mannose! I didn't expect much but I had tried most other things.

I started to take a hefty dose 4 times a day for 3 or 4 days plus a good heaped teaspoonful morning and evening. After only a couple of weeks I began to feel noticeably better! Was it this white powder? I just prayed it was…

Well, since then I have been taking it twice a day for the last 15 years, and touch wood, I have been free from those dreadfull days and years ruined by UTIs.

I recently attended my spinal injuries centre and just by chance bumped into my urology specialist who carried out my earlier operations. He asked how I was and I said fine thanks. He asked how long it had been since he last saw me and I said about 15 years. He remarked, “Well I thought I would have seen you again long before now.” I told him I was well and still taking the white powder.

Andy Norman

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