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Waterfall DMannose has literally turned my life around

Andy Trollope's Story (GB Waterski Team)

andy trollopes story

Firstly I must say thank you so much for the free tablets it was very kind of you and greatly appreciated as life is not cheap being a paraplegic trying to stay healthy and the other supplements I use for training to try and claw my way back up to the top of my sport after nearly two years out due to a shoulder injury.

Secondly what I am going to write below is a true account of how Waterfall D Mannose has literally turned my life around both just day to day living and as an elite sportsman (well trying to be anyway). Feel free to edit it in anyway you wish and use it in any kind of promotional way that you wish.

Hi my name is Andy Trollope and I used to be a semi professional moto x racer until a freak accident in 2008 while competing at a British Championship event left me a T5 complete paraplegic (paralysed from the chest down with no movement or sensation).

I use a supra pubic indwelling catheter with a leg bag and a flip flow valve. for the first three years of my injury I was as fit and healthy as a paraplegic could be making regular trips to the gym working full time as a car mechanic in my own business and enjoying many other sporting activities such as snow and water skiing making long term trips (3 months) to America to pursue my love of the mountains,speed and to achieve my goal of making it onto the GB ski team. Although I became a rather good snow skier it was the water skiing that I seemed to have more ability at and eventually made it on to the GB waterski team. Unfortunately for me it was around this time that I started to get dad and recurring UTI'S which left me with very little energy and far from being able to go to the gym let alone do any waterski training I was just about able to do a days work and then found my self literally going home and getting inn to bed by 6 pm almost every night and sleeping right through untill the next day waking and still feeling very weary.

This went on for a period of around 18 months with doctors and urologists throwing every antibiotic and carrying out every test under the sun but still unable to help me and just putting it down to my supra pubic catheter.

Then a chance meeting with a friend and fellow paraplegic I was let in on what I believe to be the best kept secret under the sun. My friend told me that they were having similar problems to me untill they started taking a product called waterfall D mannose which as it was a herbal remedy you did not build up a resistance to it as you do with long term antibiotics. And it was available from a wonderful company called Sweet Cures.

The next day I was on the phone to the friendly staff at Sweet Cures, I told them of my problem and my day to day routine and they advised me to go for the tablet option rather than the powder and roughly what dosage to take etc. Within a matter of weeks I was beginning to feel like my old self again.

I now use Waterfall D-Mannose as part of my regular medication every day and am now back to my old self again full of energy back working,training,waterskiing and best of all regaining my place in the GB waterski team. Of course I get the odd UTI now and again that is inevitable but when I do along with the antibiotics I simply up my dose of waterfall d mannose and they are gone in a matter of days.

If you struggle with UTI'S whether paraplegic or able bodied then I urge you to try Waterfall D-Mannose I am sure you won't regret it !. Oh and don't keep it a secret !

Andy Trollope worker, wheelchair adventurer, fit and healthy GB waterski team member.

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