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Constant Cystitis with Type 2 Diabetes

Jean's Story

constant cystitis - jeans story

Just like to say I saw my urologist yesterday after years of this constant cystitis he asked what I do as self help I was loathe to tell him I take Waterfall D-Mannose as my reg gp's all pooh pooh this to my astonishment he told me marvolous carry on hurrah that someone at last recognises this great product.

I am type 2 diabetic and find it doesn't affect meand I control it by diet so would reccoment to any other type2 I am starting my second year now on Waterfall D-Mannose and hae only had 1 episode unfortunately as a pensioner on basic pension I can only buy 1 a month so never benifit from the saving but I buy anyway thank you Anna from the advice you gave me last year so invaluable.


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