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Septic Shock

Kay's Story

urinary tract infections - kays story

I am almost having to pinch myself-surely I must be dreaming, no ... I really am free!

The last five years of my life have been dominated by cystitis and occasionally even more serious urinary tract infections-last year the E-coli infection reached my kidneys and I developed septic shock requiring intensive and lengthy hospital treatment.

Since then I have spent six months on low-dose antibiotics and despite this, still having two break-through infections. Seven further full courses of antibiotics for repeat infections. I was at my wit’s end. I envisaged the rest of my life dominated by this condition and I’m only 54.

Three weeks ago, yet another infection, a real corker this time, the antibiotics weren’t holding, more prescribed, was this going to require another hospital stay? On the same day two friends shared a secret (It must have been a secret, otherwise surely the GP or the Urologist would have told me) told to them by their friends Waterfall D-Mannose . I really didn’t expect much, but I was desperate. I started on hourly doses. Four hours later I reluctantly had to admit that I could feel a difference. By the following morning I was feeling better and after 36 hours totally symptom free. It would, of course, return ... but no, and I haven’t felt so well in years. No side effects-except a little excess wind when on the initial very high dosage, but who cares! I’m going to stay on it, of course, for a few months, just a low daily maintenance dose. Do you sell it by the sack?

I feel as though I have taken back control of my life. I am ecstatic and have this burning (no ... not that sort of burning) desire to stand in the local town centre on a soap-box and shout about it to every woman I see. ‘ Waterfall D-Mannose ’ is certainly going on my Facebook page so I can let all my female friends know (and my male friends too, of course) If you ever need anyone to wax lyrically or shout loudly on behalf of this ‘miracle’ please do let me know.

Thank you,

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