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Cystoscopy found no known cause for water infection

Lucy's Story

immediate relief lucy

I have just placed my 3rd order for Waterfall D Mannose. My first order was in December of last year following yet another water infection over the Christmas period for which I had to take yet another dose of antibiotics. Having suffered with these episodes for 3+ years and finding out there was no known cause following a cystoscopy, I really was at my wits end. As so many other sufferers have agreed, the pain and discomfort can be so debilitating and really can affect so many areas of your life.

I have been taking my D Mannose as a preventative measure since January, though admittedly not always daily. I seemed to be managing the condition nicely until earlier this week when I started with a full blown episode. At 4am I was sat in a bath of salt trying to alleviate the symptoms so I could go back to bed. I immediately upped my dose of Waterfall D-Mannose as per the instructions. I felt this would be the true test for these tablets and prayed they wouldn’t let me down. I didn’t want this product to become another ‘tried, tested and failed’ for my bathroom cabinet.

That was the early hours of Wednesday morning. It is now Thursday afternoon and having felt almost immediate relief I also now believe the infection has almost completely gone. Yes there is still a little discomfort but I have actually used all my tablets (hence the additional order) so I just need to keep going to completely wipe it out. Ordinarily I would have been on a 7 day course of antibiotics by now and yet through using this natural product I have managed to get the same level of relief in just 2 days and a decent night’s sleep in the process.

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that you discovered this product. I had scoured the internet reading about various fail safe remedies and quick fixes and everything just seemed to be one big scam. If I’m being completely honest I had my reservations about Waterfall D Mannose too but I was in such a desperate situation (and there did actually seem to be more of a scientific approach to your product) that I decided to throw caution to the wind. How glad am I that I took that leap of faith! This is a genuine product and you are genuine people who want to help people combat this hideous condition. I am so very grateful that you decided to share your experiences and give everyone the chance of leading a cystitis free life.

With best wishes

Lucy Armitage

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