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Cystease for Feline Recurring Cystitis

Muffin's Story

cystease cats dmannose - muffins story

Thank you so much for your enquiry as to how Me 'N Muffin are doing since starting on the Waterfall D-Mannose - I think that is so Thoughtful of you and is much appreciated and underpins just how caring you are about your customers - we are not just another number on an invoice - an A 1 example of over and above Customer Care thank you !

I haven't been back to you before now as have had a period of challenging health but NOT from the previously recurring UTI ! I keep myself on a low maintenance dose and have to say that I haven't experienced any problems since starting taking it back in July ! WONDERFUL ! I have just yesterday recommended it to a friend who rang to recount a miserable recurrence of cystitis !

Muffin has a real problem with stress related feline cystitis since A Visiting Cat began to terrorise her in Her Own Garden. She is on long term daily "Cystease" medication from the vet but still had recurring bouts of cystitis. At the beginning of October I decided to start her on the Waterfall D-Mannose and told the vet when Muffin went back for her check-up following a course of antibiotics etc. I also sent the link to your site so the vet could access any information she needed re the Waterfall D-Mannose . (I live in a wheelchair so can't actually take Muffin myself but a friend takes her along with any notes/information I want the vet to have). The vet rang me to discuss Muffin's cystitis and particularly the Waterfall D-Mannose . She said she was very interested and had consulted with other vets to discuss and research it as to exactly how it works etc and said that whilst the Cystease coated the bladder wall to help prevent recurring cystitis she was very interested in the "magnetic" function of Waterfall D-Mannose in gathering and expelling any bacteria. They had queried the possible effects of it being a "sugar" but going into the chemistry of it and it's utilisation by the body they were satisfied that it wouldn't have any detrimental effects.

Muffin's been on Waterfall D-Mannose now for just over a month. Thus far she hasn't had any recurrence of cystitis and I have noticed that when she uses her En Suite Tray she now needs wellies as opposed to the much lesser flow of urine she used to pass ! I will keep you updated as to her progress on a daily maintenance dose of Waterfall D-Mannose over the next few months as she's only been on it for a relatively short period of time.

I shall be putting in for a repeat delivery of Waterfall D-Mannose soon in order to take me over the Christmas/New Year period and ensure delivery in case of Snow ! - remember this time last year !

Thank you again for your truly caring Customer Care

Very best wishes

Jane Buckley

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