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Probiotic Blend Customer Stories & Testimonials

Trustpilot Reviews

I can reply personally that this product has helped me by keeping my digestive system in order and can be taken any time.The packaging is excellent for home and travel.


Probiotic Blend

by Trustpilot

Absolutely superb! After years of gp appointments and antibiotics I had virtually given up all hope, with constant uti symptoms bringing me down and too tired to get through the day and terrible junk food cravings... All now a thing of the past due to this product actually doing what it sayes! I am so thankful for people who really do care and bring out a top quality product such as this... It's realy changed my life and I look forward to a future once again. I can't thank enough in a world where I doubt most things This one restored faith. Thank you SO MUCH.


Probiotic Blend

by Trustpilot

I always had problems of getting sick all the time and stomach problems and, since a take the probiotics, I feel my inmune system is stronger and I don't have the stomach problems I used to have. In overall it has helped me a lot in my health and do know is very important to always take probiotics iun a regular basis. I do recommend this product! You should really try it out.


Probiotic Blend

by Trustpilot

I have been taking this probiotic for a few years now. I started taking it after being on very strong antibiotics for a while, after taking the probiotics I began to feel a lot better. I take them every day to keep things ticking over. They work for me. I like the new packageing and the fact they can go through the letterbox and they don't have to be kept in the fridge now.


Probiotic Blend

by Trustpilot

The lactobacillus rhamnosus in this probiotic is the key to its effectiveness for me. That and the fact that you can open the capsule and take the powder in a small amount of water first thing in the morning so that it goes straight through your stomach and into your gut without triggering the digestive acids. I used to take this product only when I was taking anti bios for urinary tract infection but since I have been taking it daily I no longer crawl through each day my whole digestive system is changing for the better and fungal infections, foggy brain, aching joints, recurrent infections all alleviated (not entirely gone.. a work in progress in tandem with diet changes). I'd advise anyone considering which probiotic to take to read the info online on this brand's website. Anna and her team are health heroes of the highest order.


Probiotic Blend

by Trustpilot

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Facebook Reviews

I would just like to tell you how happy and amazed I am after taking your special blend of Probiotics. I have been taking them for a several months now and feel so much better. For several years I have searched for something that would help me. I was never actually ill, but felt most unwell a lot of the time. Especially after eating certain foods I would have acid reflux and palpitations. I felt that my energy levels were working at 50%, but as a busy mother of three grown children, and with a family business to help run, i just soldiered on. I was taking antacid supplements, which would help, but still struggled with my energy levels and feelings of nausea. I researched into many natural products on line as I wasn't happy about taking synthetic drugs all the time and came across your website! I read that your product deals with the underlying causes and that there should be no reason to take antacid suppliments if the gut is working normally! So after taking one months supply, starting with 2 capsules 3 times a day, I started to feel so much better.

I am now taking just two capsules daily, and on the odd occasions another two before I go to bed and yeah, I feel so much better, energy levels are up, no nausea, no feelings of glass in my stomach anymore!

And I know that these supplements are totally natural! I have got my husband on them too! Thank you Anna. Thanks again for your products, they really work! Oh by the way took some of your Xylotene as I was having real trouble with my teeth and now they have really settled down and are not sensitive anymore! So thanks for that too!


Probiotic Blend

by Facebook

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