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Rachel's Story

Oregano oil had made such a difference to my bladder. I had staphylococcus and streptococcus bladder infections which came back as soon as I stopped taking antibiotics. Unfortunately even large doses of d-mannose didn't help in my case so I decided to give Oregano oil a go.

I took 4 drops, 4 times a day (or every hour on my worst day) and it works! While it didn't get rid of the problem, it reduced all the pain and inflammation and allowed me to live a normal life as long as I kept up the doses. Over a period of several months

I have gradually reduced the dose to 1x per day and I am delighted to say that my bladder health is amazingly improved thanks to oregano oil. I would not be without this product. It is worth the investment and lasted me around 3 months.

rachel oregano oil review

Rachel Key

Wild Oregano Oil C80

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I had read a lot about this produce before I bought it and it did not disappoint. I used it as detailed on the pack when I was ill with a throat infection and it really worked. I will definitely be using this again to avoid any antibiotic use in the future.


Wild Oregano Oil C80

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AMAZING!!My sister recommended this to me and I never listened to her. I had a really bad case of strep throat along with a staph infection, rhinitis and laryngitis. After taking 3 different antibiotics that did not work, I tried oregano oil. Almost instantly the lump in my throat went down I could breathe so much more clearer. Each time it would flare up again I would add 4-6 drops to some milk, and it would ease my discomfort. I am so shocked at just how good this oil is, I tried absolutely everything before this and all else failed. I started at 4 drops to a glass of milk once a day, but I had to increase to 6 drops 4 x a day because of the severity of my viruses. The taste at first is very potent and it does make you gag a little, but after a few uses you get use to it, and it no longer becomes an issue. Hugely recommend.


Wild Oregano Oil C80

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There's a stunning amount of evidence supporting the efficacy of high quality Oregano oil, particularly in the fight against respiratory illnesses. I lost my first bottle after taking pity on my neighbors, who were in an endless merry-go-round of cold, flu and bronchitis. Currently dosing my husband up with latest purchase to fight off same!


Wild Oregano Oil C80

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