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June's Story

Further to our telephone conversation earlier today in which I placed an order for some more Xylotene , I would like to thank you for this amazing product. I received my first pack - promptly, as is usual from you - just a week ago, and I'm thrilled to report that I can now chew on the right side of my mouth after not being able to do so for almost two years. Each time I had fillings replaced I noticed that my teeth were extremely painful to chew on. I assumed that things would settle, but sadly weeks went into months and there was no improvement and my very patient dentist was at a loss as to what to do as x-rays taken were clear. I resigned myself to having to live with it, and needed to be VERY careful when eating in case food touched the the upper and lower molars as the pain could be excruciating.

However, after just one week of taking the Xylotene I can at last chew on both sides of my mouth. I can hardly believe it, but this amazing product has made a huge difference and I'm really thrilled - Thank You! I have placed an order for more of this wonderful stuff as I don't want to be without it.

Thank you for your excellent service and products.

june xylotene review

June Deeks

Xylotene Powder

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Trustpilot Reviews

Seems to work for me for my bladder issues. Good for mouth and teeth cleaning. Clears up cold sores in 2 days.

Mike by Trustpilot

Xylotene Powder

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This product is amazing! I've seen huge improvements in my interstitial cystitis in only a few days of using the product. I couldn't recommend this product more! My muscles spasms have all but stop and I really believe this is a life changing product.

Grace by Trustpilot

Xylotene Powder (Flat Pack)

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I love this product and it has helped me a great deal.I use it daily as a mouth wash and my gum health has increased dramatically which has been noticed and applauded by my dental hygenist.I recommend this product to anyone interested.

Katrina by Trustpilot

Xylotene Powder

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Just a note to add to your ever-growing information on Xylotene.

I suffer from periodontitis - inherited from my mother and have spent fortunes and years having treatment on my gums. For the most part the treatment has been successful but recently I have been adding calcium orotate powder to my diet and I have been using xylotene as a mouthwash every morning and night. Together with the D-Mannose, I am keeping the cystitis under control, but on a visit last week to my periodontist, he was astonished to observe that my gums were very much better and one of my canines which was loosening had suddenly become very firmly fixed in my jaw!!! What a surprise. It would seem that the calcium orotate has been very efficiently taken up by the xylotene exactly as you have said.

My periodontist is watching with interest and I will keep you informed. I shall be seeing him again in November and I hope that the xylotene will help to reduce any deep pockets around the teeth thus saving me the extremely uncomfortable deep scaling that I seem to go through so often.

Thank you both and watch this space. If you wish to use any of the above as information for others please feel free to do so.

Genny Bobroff

Xylotene Powder

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