Affiliate Terms and Conditions

This constitutes a legal and entire agreement between you and Sweet Cures® Unit7, Pyramid Court, Rosetta Way, York, YO26 5NB Tel: +4401904-789559and in becoming an affiliate you are agreeing to every Term and Condition herein. Should any part be deemed invalid, all other parts shall remain enforceable.

Affiliates are fully responsible for their website content, be it written from scratch or paraphrased from content on our sites. Sweet Cures reminds affiliates that all information whatsoever on our products is our sole intellectual property and content is further governed by Food Standards, EEC law and MHRA guidelines. This affects content in multiple ways and we cannot be held responsible for any content on your website. Please note:

Health Claims

You maynotmake any healthclaims whatsoeverabout our products regardless of whether you believe it to be true or otherwise. This is predominately an issue for affiliates who are writing or blogging about our products. If unsure, please contact us before publishing content online.

Examples of non-acceptable /acceptable text would be:

DON’T USE: Waterfall D-Mannose cures/treats cystitis.

OK To USE: Waterfall D-Mannose supports a healthy bladder.

Affiliates who are simply displaying our banners will never have an issue, as our banners will update automatically should the rules change in the future.

Site Content

Affiliates may not copy content from either of our websites, regardless of where the copy is going to be used. This includes, but not exclusively, all offline marketing, social media, website content, email marketing and pay per click advertising.

Affiliates must seek permission to use any person's copyrighted material, whether it be in writing, an image, or any other copyrightable property. You alone are responsible for any legal challenge if you use copyrighted material of any kind.

Meta Data & Page Titles

Affiliates must not use any of our trademarks or registered names in their page titles or Meta Data (Titles, Descriptions and Keywords).

Link Positioning

An affiliate can place links anywhere on their website; however, page content should related to the chosen product banner.
Site wide links, such as in headers, footers and sidebars must only display one link.

Email use in promoting Sweet Cures products

Affiliates must not use their affiliate link in an email that could be considered SPAM. All email addresses in an affiliates list must have been collected by means that adhere by the CAN SPAM ACT and EU rulings. Affiliates who breach SPAM acts and rulings will have their affiliation cancelled, and may also face legal action.

Site Content

Upon signup your website will be visited by our Sweet Cures® Affiliate team. Your application may be rejected or your approved applications may be cancelled at any time, should your site have any content that reflects badly on the Sweet Cures reputation or good name, such as:

New Ideas

Affiliates who wish to market Sweet Cures products in a way that hasn’t been covered above must contact the affiliate team first. We may monitor your site and inform you of any changes that we feel should be made either to enhance your success or protect our own interests.

Limitations of Liability

We will not be held liable for any losses on your part and you accept sole responsibility for your actions under this agreement.


This Agreement constitutes a legal and binding obligation under UK law.

Either you or we may end this Agreement at any time.