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waterfall dmannose with lemon
waterfall dmannose lemon packaging

D-Mannose with Lemon

Waterfall D-Mannose & Organic Lemon Powder 50g (Flat Pack)

New Waterfall D-Mannose with added organic lemon to support an alkaline urine pH, healthy bladder and provide a delicious cold drink anytime.

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Product Information

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Gluten Free & NON GMO

Organic Lemon Juice Powder

100% Natural & Bioactive D-Mannose

Discreet Letterbox Friendly Packaging

All Packaging Recyclable

UK Manufacturer – Sweet Cures

SKU: 5060086380248

Weight: 50g Powder

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A heaped teaspoon of powder (2-3g) every 3 hours during the day + an additional dose during the night. If you feel 100% well, increase the length of time between doses very slowly over two weeks working towards a daily “dose” before sleep to support a healthy bladder.

Waterfall D-Mannose Lemon can be used alongside and interchanged with original Waterfall D-Mannose as a refreshing alternative. Basically, as a food supplement, you take as much of it as you wish for urgent support or maintenance. Try using before travel, sexual intimacy, cycling, sport or travel.

Maintaining Bladder Health

A teaspoonful of powder before bed is an excellent maintenance dose for supporting a healthy bladder.

Sex-related Bladder Support

A teaspoonful (2gm) of powder an hour before sex, and immediately afterwards. Continue to use for about 48 hrs afterwards as an excellent support around sex-related episodes.

Other things to consider

Unfortunately, embedded bacteria live deep in the bladder wall and take time to be removed. They are driven there to escape an antibiotic attack, so even when you get well these "hidden" bacteria have the potential to grow again (usually during the night when the urine becomes acidic), hence repeat attacks. Bacterial colonies can double every 20 - 40 minutes.

When you are well, a little before sleep 2-3gms of powder (a heaped teaspoon) with approximately 150-200 ml liquid plus an alkaline diet is an excellent approach to bladder health.

Waterfall D-Mannose is NOT a Diuretic - More Info


100% Bio Active DMannose 40g, Lemon Juice Powder (100% Organic), 6g Maltodextrin (Organic Rice) 4g.


Waterfall D-Mannose has won several awards over the years, with our most recent being as follows;

2017 - Healthy Living Magazine, 2017 Awards - Highly Commended. 2016 - Pharmacy Buisness Magazine, Pharmacy Favourite - Winner. 2015 - Cam, Best Alternative Product - Winner. 2015 - True Health Magazine, Best Alternative Product & Service - Winner. 2014 - True Health Magazine, Best Alternative Product & Service - Winner.


Customer Video Review & Info Trailer

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person. All products are sold and intended to be used as Dietary Supplements. Nothing on this page is meant to constitute medical advice.

Lemons and Anions

Supporting an Alkaline Urine pH with Waterfall D-Mannose Lemon

Though it seems counter-intuitive to think that adding acidic lemon to your drinking water could ultimately produce an alkaline result, it's important to remember that lemons are anionic.

Anions are negatively charged ions that have a multiplicity of researched beneficial health properties. And, it seems that lemons a have a higher concentration of negatively charged ions or anions than any other fruit. Once consumed, your body reacts with the lemons' anions during the digestive process, creating a temporary and useful (bacteria inhibiting) slightly alkalising effect in the urine.

Why is alkalising important?

Research has shown that most bacteria thrive in an acidic environment, therefore controlling the pH of your urine may significantly impact on most bacterial growth.

While Waterfall D-Mannose goes some way in controlling urine pH, avoiding alcohol, red meats, fatty foods and coffee may be wise. View a list of acidifying and alkalising foods here.

Our Grandmothers Used Bicarbonate of Soda

We hesitate to suggest the prolonged use of Bicarbonate of Soda to regulate the urine ph. As a sodium salt, it can affect some pre-existing health conditions: too much sodium in the blood is called hypernatremia and at extreme levels is dangerous. Too little sodium, hyponatremia (usually caused by drinking too much water or because not enough water has passed out of the body).

But Our Grandmothers also used Lemon – What did they think it did?

  • Lemon has an alkalising effect on the urine.
  • Lemon acts as a mild diuretic helping to flush toxins and harmful bacteria from the body.
  • When mixed with hot water, lemon supports digestion and the release of toxins from the liver.
  • Lemons provide four times as much Vitamin C as oranges. So by adding them to your daily diet, it is possible to get the benefits of Vitamin C without the acidifying effects of ascorbic acid. Most bacteria thrive in an acidic environment.
  • Lemons provide potassium and also limonoids which are thought to persist in the body for several hours. One limonoid called limonin, a phytonutrient stays in your body for up to 24 hours.
  • Limonin also fights obesity and is reported to lower blood sugar.

And Current Thought:

Compounds belonging to this limonoids group have exhibited a range of biological activities antibacterial, antifungal, antimalarial, antiviral activities on humans” Biol Pharm Bull. 2006 Feb; 29(2):191-201.

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