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weight loss supplement
L-Arabinose Plus weight loss

Weight Loss Management Tablets

L-Arabinose Plus Tablets 60 x 800mg

A food supplement which supports a healthy diet and exercise for maximum weight loss. Supplied in two flip-top pocket dispensers per pack to discreetly fit into a handbag or pocket when at work or eating out. L-Arabinose Plus the New name for Diabetrose. Two convenient flip-top pocket dispensers per pack

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Product Information

83% L-Arabinose Plus, 17% Trehalose

Suitable for Vegetarians

Gluten Free

Fits through your letterbox

Discreet Packaging

All Packaging Recyclable

UK Manufacturer – Sweet Cures

SKU: 5060086380293

Weight: 60 x 800mg Tablets

Questions? Call +44 01904-789559


Take two / three tablets approximately 30 minutes before each meal or snack to slow down your metabolism and reduce after-meal sugar cravings.

L-Arabinose Plus supports weight loss by slowing down the body's absorption of glucose (conversion to glycogen). When a sugar-rush is experienced, our body is tricked into thinking we are not going to need the glycogen we have stored in our liver and converts that excess glycogen into fat, this is a significant cause of obesity. When people claim “It is my metabolism ...” they are correct. Breaking the fat storage cycle changes metabolism. For serious problems related to diabetes and excess insulin production or other blood-sugar problems, please always consult your doctor.


83% L-Arabinose Plus, 17% Trehalose plus spray micro cellulose film coating (veg. origin).


*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person. All products are sold and with an intended use as Dietary Supplements. Nothing on this page is meant to constitute medical advice.

The Science behind L-Arabinose Plus

L-Arabinose Plus is a dietary supplement that supports the prevention of those sugar spikes and crashes that make dieting so hard to sustain. It contains two glyconutrients: L-Arabinose Plus and Trehalose which combined inhibit intestinal absorption of sucrose and carbohydrates and promoting a slow release of glucose to the cells. Excess glucose is not stored as fat and with sugar cravings drastically reduced, between meals urges to snack are more easily avoided. L-Arabinose Plus is conveniently taken as 2-3 tablets before meals.

L Arabinose has been shown in numerous studies to make a huge contribution to controlling body weight. Trehalose has been shown to elicit a low insulin response and provide sustained energy. L-Arabinose Plus combines both Arabinose and Trehalose to achieve maximum support.

It is no longer about fad diets where sudden weight loss is followed by weight gain. That is just unhealthy! Gradually getting blood-sugar levels under control when combined with a healthy lifestyle returns the body to its natural balance, appetite and weight.

Stop storing Fat

The truth is that the modern diet locks us into a pattern of craving more sugar and carbohydrates than our body needs. When we eat sugar, it gives us a short-term boost in mood that is quickly replaced by a crash later when glucose levels drop. To feel better again, we crave sugar. Unfortunately, in the case of fructose or high fructose corn syrup (hidden in many foods), we do not recognise fullness and will continue to binge at mealtimes or snack between meals.

Once you have achieved your ideal weight, L-Arabinose Plus helps maintain that weight. Normalisation of blood-sugar levels means that you will not continue to lose weight beyond a healthy weight level. The product can, therefore, be used long-term (say before the main meal each day) for maintenance in conjunction with a healthy diet and a moderate exercise regime.

Lifestyle changes to consider

To support a healthy blood sugar level naturally, include more vegetables and fruits every day in your diet. Dark leafy greens, cooked tomatoes, peppers and anything that’s a yellow, orange, or red colour is going to be beneficial. Avoid simple carbs and sweet things and even starchy vegetables.

Two-thirds salads, or mixed veg plus a third of protein is one easy way to reach this goal. Change to fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks throughout the day: apples and cheese, low-fat yoghurt and vegetables for dipping, cottage cheese on whole wheat or rye products all give the body slow release energy that has the bonus of making you feel good.

L-Arabinose Plus is safe for long-term use and can assist us in making lifestyle changes by helping us to cut out unhealthy snacking and cravings for carbohydrates and sugars. Regular exercise and good nutrition are still necessary for our overall health, and moderate exercise will assist in the weight-loss process.

Foods with High Sugar Content to be avoided

  • Obvious culprits: cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks
  • Salad creams, soups and sauces, cereals, bread, processed foods containing hidden sugars
  • Fruit (fructose)
  • Sugar in disguise! (dextrose, maltose, honey, maltose, glucose, lactose, corn syrup, agave nectar)
  • Synthetic sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, sucralose) - often present in diet drinks can send confusing messages to the brain regarding levels of fullness leading to overeating
  • Alcohol

Sweet Cures products are always about returning the body to optimum health. We are 100% dedicated to producing safe products that do not harm but are also effective.

Please Note: Customers in Ireland are currently unable to purchase L-Arabinose Plus.

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