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Tips to Avoid Bladder Problems this Christmas

By - Sweet Cures Founder and Owner

The Christmas holidays are a time for friends and family, food and the odd glass of wine, but cystitis or a urine infection could quickly spoil things.

We want you to enjoy the holiday and have created 9 tips to help you avoid a flare up:

  • 1. Stay Hydrated – with so much festivity, it can be easy to forget even the simplest things such as drinking your recommended daily intake of water.
  • 2. Drink Less Alcohol - Alcohol is a known trigger for cystitis and urine infections. If you can avoid it completely, do so.
  • 3. Eat a Balanced Diet - With so many tempting treats on offer, it can be difficult to resist. But where possible avoid foods that are high in fat and refined sugar, opting for healthier trimmed white meats, boiled/steamed vegetables and fruit.
  • 4. Increase doses of DMannose - After all, it is Christmas, and should you have a glass of wine, the odd roast potato, stuffing ball and piece (or box) of chocolate you could simply consider introducing alkalising drinks such as lemon barley and increasing the amount of D-Mannose you are taking around the consumption of alcohol and fatty or sugary foods.
  • 5. Don't be Shy! If you need to toilet, go. - When you are visiting friends and family don’t be embarrassed to nip to the toilet when you need to go. If you are at all worried about visiting the toilet frequently when at friends or family, consider explaining the problems prior to visiting. Frequent urination, cystitis and bladder conditions in general are fairly common, with 50% of women and 25% of men experiencing a problem in their lifetime. These problems are no longer a ‘taboo’ subject.
  • 6. Stock up on Supplements - At Christmas and for a while after the postal services slow down so if you regularly use a supplement that works for you, order enough to see you through the Christmas and New Year Holidays.
  • 7. Avoid the Beige Buffet – Christmas buffets tend to contain foods loaded with fat and sugar. Many of these foods are acid producing and can trigger bladder conditions so ask what type of food is going to be on offer, and consider taking your own mini pack up - that way there will be something healthy for you to eat.
  • 8. Be Prepared for Sex - If sex is a known trigger, try where possible to take additional doses of D-Mannose before and after and up to 48 hours after intercourse.
  • 9. Enjoy! - Take a deep breath, relax, laugh a lot and have a fantastic festive break and whilst it’s easier said than done, trying to find the funnier side of any Christmas mishap works miracles!

If we can be of any assistance over Christmas and the New Year, please feel free to send us an email or call. If the office is closed on the day of contact, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. May we take this opportunity to wish you health and happiness as you finish this year and begin a new one.

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

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