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Prostate Health

Healthy prostate

This short article explains how Waterfall D-Mannose can be used for maintaining a healthy prostate. As well as taking between 2 and 14 grams of Waterfall D-Mannose a day, (gradually cutting back) it involves ensuring that the prostate remains free of bacteria, and is exercised regularly.

With Waterfall D-Mannose powder, you just get pure natural 100% bio-active dmannose. It is a very pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is nothing better on the market.

Maintain a healthy prostate

DMannose is a very important nutrient for urinary tract and prostate health, and these two main uses are linked. It is already present in sufficient quantities in most cell tissue, and so when you add dmannose to the diet it is excreted from the body quickly, in a similar way that we excrete excess vitamin C. Within three hours, over 90% of the dmannose gets into the urine. The remainder gets into the other fluids that we excrete, including faeces, ejaculate, and prostate components of ejaculate.

In the prostate, Waterfall D-Mannose does the same excellent job that it does in the bladder, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, and latching onto any bacteria present that have mannose receptors.

However, there is a major difference in how the bacteria can be shed. Whereas the bladder is regularly emptied and replenished with fresh urine, taking mannose attached bacteria with them, in the prostate, to get rid of the fluids present you have to either have an internal prostate massage, which involves a competent professional putting a finger up your anus to perform the massage, or you can ejaculate in the normal way if you are capable of doing so, and the prostate will release some fluid as part of the ejaculate.

In the absence of ejaculatory or massage relief, even if bacteria permeating the prostate tissues are attached to the molecules of mannose that have arrived there, they have no way of escaping. The same goes for blood and pus cells that may be present. They accumulate where they are trapped. This can be why an otherwise fairly healthy prostate can swell up and restrict the flow of urine by constricting the urethra.

If you can therefore ejaculate once or twice a day when using Waterfall D-Mannose to 'maintain a healthy prostate', it gives your body a very good chance of clearing the problem in a relatively short time. Afterwards, you can use lower amounts of Waterfall D-Mannose to keep things healthy. Start with one spoonful of the powder every three hours, and after 48 hours gradually start cutting back the amount you take. You may want to remain on a maintenance dose, and this is an effective way of maintaining a healthy prostate, and preventing recurrence of problems.

Always remember about the prostate - to stay healthy, it needs to be used regularly.

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