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Waterfall D-Mannose Review - Trimrthoprim

Joe's Story

trimethoprim joe

Our son, Joe had an “unexplained” fever for a few days, the GP sent us home on the third day, and the next morning he was having some kind of convulsions, and was rushed to hospital, where they said he had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). He stayed there until they found out exactly what it was, while they had a drip giving him the wrong kind of antibiotic, and was diagnosed with an E-coli UTI and sent home with Trimrthoprim, which we were told he may be on for months or even years.

We looked for alternative treatment and found Sweet Cures Waterfall D-Mannose on the internet, phoned up for some, and put Joe on it straight away, the doctor didn’t know about it but said it wasn’t harmful. We soon noticed some side effects from the antibiotics and after some follow up tests (arranged when he first went in to hospital), we took him off the Trimethoprim, but kept on giving him the D-Mannose.

That was six months ago and thankfully he’s been OK ever since. We still give him a small dose of Waterfall D-Mannose every night, and will eventually stop, but if he shows the symptoms again we’ll go back to it.

*If we had known about UTIs and D-Mannose in the first place, we could have taken a urine sample to the GP and given Joe some Waterfall D-Mannose when he first had the fever and who knows, he might not have ended up in hospital.


Tyro and Taeko

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