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Sweet Cures' Product Reviews

Over the last ten years we have received hundreds and thousands of customer testimonials, letters, phone calls, email and more recently messages through our Facebook page and independent business and product reviewers Reevoo .

We encourage our customers to share their story with others to help spread the word to others in similar situations. If you would like to share your story please email us, visit our Facebook page or log into your account to submit a review.

tetraplegic andy

Tetraplegic - Waterfall D-Mannose Review

After an RTA in 1971 I was left a complete Tetraplegic at c 6/7. For the first few years I had very few problems with UTIs...

Andy Norman

pain chewing june

Pain Chewing - Xylotene Review

*After just one week of taking the Xylotene I can at last chew on both sides of my mouth...

June Deeks

trimethoprim joe

Trimrthoprim - Waterfall D-Mannose Review

*We took him off the Trimethoprim, but kept on giving him the D-Mannose...

Tyro and Taeko

surgery waiting room margaret

Surgery Waiting Room - Waterfall D-Mannose Review

I found Waterfall D-Mannose after suffering for nearly 40 years and I will continue to pass on the good news...

Margret Atkins

cranberry pills kat

Cranberry Pills - Waterfall D-Mannose Review

*Have been using your product for about 3 months now and have to say it is amazing!...

Kat Whelan

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Sweet-Cures makes no guarantee on product effectiveness, as results may vary from person to person.

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

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