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Ecoli Infections - Repeat cystitis, bladder infections, and UTI's.

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Ecoli Infections - Repeat cystitis, bladder infections, and UTI's.

E.coli is famously hardy. If you wanted, for example, to kill the E.coli on your hands, you'd have to boil them for about an hour and a half! You just can't get totally rid of E.coli from your body when you are still alive. In fact, it is natural for a certain amount of E.coli to be present, but the bacteria that remain after antibiotic treatment are naturally resistant to the antibiotic that failed to kill them - that's why they are still there. When they next come to multiply in your urinary tract, they put up a tougher battle, multiply faster, will probably need a bigger dose to kill them, and those that remain alive are tougher still. Every time you have another episode of cystitis, therefore, it tends to be worse that the time before, and then you have a real dilemma. Doctors who are wary of prescribing antibiotics are unlikely to want to give you a more powerful dose, and so they assist the E.coli in developing resistance, until the usual antibiotics like Trimethoprim will no longer work. Meanwhile, your episodes of cystitis last longer and longer, and they are likely to begin causing kidney damage, and a lot of persistent pain.

At this point, you are likely to change doctors, until you find someone who will prescribe more powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics to try to solve the problem. And at first these will work. However, the wily E.coli continues its process of resistance until stronger and stronger broad-spectrum antibiotics are required to kill the infections, and these cause their own particular problems.

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