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UTI’s, Healthy Bladders & DMannose

Discover how using DMannose could be your helping hand in fighting a UTI

D-Mannose is effective in promoting a healthy bladder. As a pure food supplement, it avoids the resistance created by antibiotic therapy, doesn’t have side-effects, and can be used as a maintenance product daily (each night before sleep).

Through the years there has been extensive research into the effects of D-Mannose on (in particular) E.coli. We are not allowed to show any of this research, but you have access to available abstracts and extracts from scientific research papers and reports on D-Mannose and E.coli on the internet and evidence of how effective D-Mannose is at flushing away bacteria dating back to the 50's.

Introduction to DMannose

D-Mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar that is absorbed eight times more slowly than glucose, and when ingested, is not converted to glycogen or stored in the liver, but goes directly to the bloodstream from the upper GI tract. Hence, D-Mannose is almost entirely filtered through the kidneys and routed to the bladder; this has benefits in that Diabetics use it (we always advise monitoring blood sugar) and it does not interact with other substances. The purity of D Mannose correlates with the purity of mannose already present in our body cells.

The bladder lining is comprised of polysaccharide molecules. Finger-like projections on the cell surface of E. coli bacteria adhere to these molecules, colonising and initiating an infection. In the presence of a greater source of Mannose, E. coli preferentially attaches to D-Mannose molecules forming a complex which is expelled with the next voiding.

Antibiotic treatment is thought to radically change the GI bacterial populations required for good health, potentially causing fungal or gastrointestinal infections, whereas D-Mannose removes 'bad' bacteria by process of attachment and voiding.

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Anna's Story

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