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Xylotene® Powder 100g (Flat Pack)

Xylotene is one of our most popular products because of its multi-faceted uses. Xylotene supports tissue repair by enabling the body to produce collagen, naturally. Initially this promotes an anti-inflammatory effect, but taken long-term, at a level of as little as a teaspoon per day, it gradually supports the body in building strong and healthy bones and maintaining calcium levels. Redistribution of calcium together with cross-linking collagen molecules is beneficial in multiple ways. Supplied in a re-sealable flatpack design that will fit through your letterbox.

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  • A product which may have thousands of uses, with customers using Xylotene for their teeth, gums, joints, bones and bladder health.
  • May reduce and prevent mouth ulcers.
  • May reduce dental sensitivity.
  • May support and prevent streptococcus infections of the mouth, bladder and around wounds.
  • Dedicated Customer Service with over 17 year’s expertise.


  • Teeth and Gums: dissolve a teaspoonful in 50mls water, rinse for one minute, spit or swallow.
  • Mouth Ulcers: put directly on mouth ulcers three to four times a day.
  • Good Bladder Health: take up to four times a day (a level teaspoon).
  • Strong Bones: One/Two teaspoons daily, as desired.
  • General Well-being: One teaspoon a day, in tea, water and or juice.
  • Collagen: One/Two teaspoons daily


D-Xylose with added Xylitol.

Dietary Information

Vegan, Vegetarian, Non GMO, Nut Free*, Peanut Free*, Celery Free, Crustacean Free, Mollusc Free, Lupin Free, Fish Free, Mustard Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Sesame Free, Sulphite Free.

*Products may come into contact with allergens whilst being delivered. Please take precautions to reduce the risk of coming into contact with any substance that may cause an allergic reaction.


  • Naturally fermented D-Xylose and Xylitol.
  • Biodegradable, Chemical Free & Recyclable PP5 Plastic Packaging.
  • Award Winning, Caring and Compassionate Customer Service available by Email and Phone

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  • Guaranteed Next Business Day from: £6.35

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Product Details

  • Best Before: 2 Years from Purchase Date
  • Quantity: 100g Powder
  • Manufacturer: Sweet Cures
  • SKU: 5060086380200
  • Letter Box Friendly: Yes

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Trustpilot Reviews

Featured Reviews

june deeks

June Deeks

Review Sent by Email

...After just one week of taking the Xylotene I can at last chew on both sides of my mouth. I can hardly believe it, but this amazing product has made a huge difference and I'm really thrilled - Thank You!


Katrina Graham

Trustpilot Review

Brilliant product. I use it every day at night for my gums after a proper cleaning regime. Saved me and my teeth... and my hygenist is very impressed with the improvement.



Trustpilot Review

Excellent stuff. Use it at first sign of sore throat. Brilliant and pleasant taste.

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person. All products are sold and intended to be used as Dietary Supplements. Nothing on this page is meant to constitute medical advice.

Further Information


Dissolved in a little warm water or a warm drink. Swilled around the mouth for a count of 60 seconds, and then swallowed. If used when you have a sore throat , sip slowly or gargle several times a day. The Xylose component of Xylotene ends up in the urine and can support recovery from more complicated bladder infections, as well as inflammation after a bladder infection is over.

Using Xylotene against infection and other problems

Xylotene can be used supportively against Streptococcus, which can cause throat infections, urine Infections and wound infections. It is very effective against mouth ulcers by helping to maintain oral health. Xylotene can be applied dry (a small teaspoonful) directly to the ulcerous area.

Xylotene does not need to be spat out after use. If swallowed it will continue to do good work from the inside.

Using Xylotene as a prophylactic

Against acute problems, Xylotene can be taken four times a day, but for long-term use as little as a teaspoonful a day is helpful to support all round well-being.