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Natural Health Supplements and Urine Tests

for a natural approach to UTIs, Cystitis, Weightloss and much more.

A skilled team and an ethical, customer-focused attitude is why Sweet Cures, founded in 2003, retains its excellent reputation for expertise, quality products, and customer service. Sweet Cures offers a range of products that are trusted by customers, pharmacists, and quality outlets throughout the world. 

Our commitment to natural health and safe products and customer service informs every stage of our business from production through to despatch. State of the art technology has enabled us to produce tablets through pressure rather than the usual long list of undesirable tablet excipients. Our tablets are then sold in convenient, pocket- sized biodegradable (includes postage box) packaging. The WDM stamp on every tablet (we do not white box) is your guarantee of purity. The Sweet Cures’ Brand is exported to clinics, pharmacies, health shops and private customers in the UK and throughout the world.

Sweet Cures’ philosophy is to First Do No Harm. We support natural healing with integrity.  It shows in all we do, from our working environment to our production and manufacturing processes (every step from production to clean room and safe, healthy packaging and delivery is controlled by Sweet Cures UK) and, last, but not least, in the unrivalled support we offer to customers through email and by phone.

Our customers trust our:

1. Expertise in glyconutrients and their uses.

2. Naturally safe products grown and then prepared without potentially harmful chemicals or excipients.

3. Consistently “highest grade” Food and Safety certification and RSSL testing of products.

4. Supportive, well-trained, qualified staff who will help. Free access to support by phone (10-6pm Mon-Frid) or email.

5. “Clean room” packaging.

6. Fast delivery after an order is made Mon-Friday.

7. Informed website information.

8. Commitment to customer health and well-being.

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Sweet Cures' Products

Sweet Cures offers a range of supplements that support health naturally.

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Company History

The British Sugar Factory, famous in York since 1926, finally closed its doors in 2007. However, York continues to lead the world in rare sugars. Sweet Cures, based where the old sugar factory used to be, specialises in healthy sugars. These are known as “essential” sugars such as D-Mannose, D- Ribose, L-Arabinose, D Xylose and Xylitol and these sugars are sent from York throughout the world daily.

Whilst most people know that too much of some sugars are bad for us (Sucrose, fructose, and glucose, whilst providing a fast energy boost, can also contribute to obesity, rotten teeth and even diabetes) few people fully understand that certain rare sugars are as essential to the health of our body and immune system as vitamins, and that the lack of them leads to health problems.

Otherwise known as glyconutrients, there are eight nutritional, plant based monosaccharide sugars that are the first building blocks for carbohydrates and glycoproteins in our bodies. Glycoproteins are the key to proper and effective inter-cellular and intra-cellular communication and adequate total body function and this is why they are sometimes referred to as Sugars That Heal. They are now regarded as important to health in the same way that good fats (essential fatty acids) are important to health.

Most people have heard of using glucosamine for healthy joints, (as the name would suggest, it is a sugar), but other sugars have even more important functions. D-Mannose for example, is used for a healthy bladder, prostate, and urinary tract, and has achieved remarkable results since the symbiotic relationship (attachment between bacteria and D Mannose already present in bladder cells) was discovered by a doctor in the 1950s.

Personal experience of cystitis and kidney infections and the adverse effects of antibiotic therapy led Anna (Sweet Cures’ MD) to find an effective and safe approach to bladder health and thus Sweet Cures came in to being in 2003. The Company was and remains dedicated to eradicating painful cystitis and related bladder conditions safely through its flagship product Waterfall D Mannose but a range of quality and trusted products are also offered to Sweet Cures’ customers.

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