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Welcome to Sweet Cures

Natural Health Supplements and Urine Tests - for a natural approach to UTIs, Cystitis, Weightloss and much more.

Since 2003, Sweet Cures® has forged abiding relationships with Chemists, Health care providers, Clinics, Hospitals, Vets, Quality Health shops and Health Practitioners with whom we share a vision of ethical, natural health care throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World (please see our stockist page). We are committed, along with others in the Natural Health Field, to making Trusted Brand Health Products freely available to customers in local pharmacies.

Sweet Cures’ philosophy is to First Do No Harm. We support natural healing with integrity.  It shows in all we do, from our working environment to our production and manufacturing processes (every step from production to clean room packaging and delivery is controlled by Sweet Cures UK) and, last, but not least, in the unrivalled service we offer to customers through email and by phone.
We strive for excellence from start to finish. So, for example, we have invested in state of the art technology (a dedicated system that enables us to produce tablets through pressure and totally free of the usual list of unwanted excipients) and our stamped, WDM tablets are then sold in convenient, pocket- sized biodegradable packaging.

We strive for excellence from start to finish. So, for example, we have invested in state of the art technology (a dedicated system that enables us to produce tablets through pressure alone making them totally free from the usual long list of undesirable excipients). Our tablets are then sold in convenient, pocket- sized biodegradable packaging. The WDM stamp on every tablet (we do not white box ever) is your guarantee of purity.

Our customers trust our:

1. Expertise in glyconutrients and their uses.

2. Naturally safe products grown and then prepared without potentially harmful chemicals or excipients.

3. Consistently “highest grade” Food and Safety certification and RSSL testing of products.

4. Supportive, well-trained, qualified staff who will help. Free access to support by phone (10-6pm Mon-Frid) or email.

5. “Clean room” packaging.

6. Fast delivery after an order is made Mon-Friday.

7. Informed website information.

8. ommitment to customer health and well-being.

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Stories about using Waterfall D-Mannose, Cystitis, Urine Infections & UTIs.

Sweet Cures' Products

Sweet Cures offers a range of supplements that support health naturally.

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History of and Waterfall D-Mannose Information

Welcome to the Sweet Cures’ Website. We have been supplying Waterfall D Mannose throughout the world since 2003, and the product has achieved an outstanding reputation for supporting a healthy bladder and urinary tract. It is considered 100% safe, even when taken frequently over an extended period, and, in fact, brings additional benefits with long term use. The longer you take it, the more healing support it gives.

Drug interactions: None known. Used by pregnant women, small children, diabetics, and animals.

Basically, you take as much of it as you need either for urgent support, and when well, for maintenance. Most people even with previously difficult problems to deal with can in time use just a teaspoonful before bed to maintain excellent bladder health permanently, even if they thought they would suffer bladder health problems forever.

Waterfall D Mannose is a natural glyconutrient extract of Sweet Forest Timbers, used to 'support a healthy bladder'. Word of the product has spread from person to person, and from therapist to therapist, worldwide. It is a pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is nothing better on the market. With Waterfall D Mannose soluble powder, you just get pure natural 100% bio-active D Mannose.

Our D Mannose is prepared and packed here in York, UK, by experts. Anna who runs Sweet Cures, is a specialist in rare sugars bacterial attachment and is supported by a dedicated and highly professional team.

The product can also be obtained from a number of independent health food shops, and alternative health clinics, both in the UK and abroad. Please see our suppliers’ page. However, we still supply Waterfall D Mannose directly to the public, from our premises in York in the UK. We offer fast delivery, and our customer service is unbeatable. We are a small company dedicated to safe products and genuine customer care.

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