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DMannose - Waterfall D-Mannose a natural solution for UTI’s, Cystitis and Bladder Health

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Sweet Cures is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In those 10 years, we have met thousands upon thousands of customers, many of whom are now firm friends. We have forged abiding relationships with Chemists, Health Care providers, clinics, hospitals, vets, Health shops and Practitioners who share our vision of ethical, natural health care in the UK, Europe and the world.

Since Sweet Cures’ inception we have remained 100% loyal to our philosophy which remains to support healing naturally and safely and with integrity. It shows in all we do, from our working environment, to our production processes and strict controls, and in the service we offer to our customers.

Our customers trust:

1. Expertise in glyconutrients and their uses.

2. Naturally safe products grown and then prepared without potentially harmful chemicals or excipients.

3. Consistently “highest grade” Food and Safety certification and RSSL testing of products.

4. Supportive, well-trained experienced staff, and free access to support by phone or email.

5. “Clean room” packaging.

6. Fast delivery after an order is made.

7. Informed website information.

8. Genuine commitment to customer health and well being.

Sweet Cures' Products

Sweet Cures offers a range of alternative treatments for many different conditions. You can find out more about our products by clicking the links below.

History of Sweet-Cures.com and Waterfall D-Mannose Information

Welcome to the Sweet Cures’ Website. We have been supplying Waterfall D Mannose throughout the world since 2003, and the product has achieved an outstanding reputation for supporting a healthy bladder and urinary tract. It is considered 100% safe, even when taken frequently over an extended period, and, in fact, brings additional benefits with long term use. The longer you take it, the more healing support it gives.

Drug interactions: None known. Used by pregnant women, small children, diabetics, and animals.

Basically, you take as much of it as you need either for urgent support, and when well, for maintenance. Most people even with previously difficult problems to deal with can in time use just a teaspoonful before bed to maintain excellent bladder health, even if they thought they would suffer bladder health problems forever.

Waterfall D Mannose is a natural glyconutrient extract of Sweet Forest Timbers, used to 'support a healthy bladder'. Word of the product has spread from person to person, and from therapist to therapist, worldwide. It is a pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is nothing better on the market. With Waterfall D Mannose soluble powder, you just get pure natural 100% bio-active D Mannose.

Our D Mannose is prepared and packed here in York, UK, by experts. Anna and John, who run Sweet Cures, are specialists in rare sugars bacterial attachment and are supported by a dedicated team.

The product can also be obtained from a number of independent health food shops, and alternative health clinics, both in the UK and abroad. Please see our suppliers’ page. However, we still supply Waterfall D Mannose directly to the public, from our premises in York in the UK. We offer fast delivery, and our customer service is unbeatable. We are a small,  company focused on customer care and you get a very personal service.


Sweet Cures was born in 2003 in the midst of suffering and despair at the medical approach to bladder health. It is run by people who know what you are going through, and who have found a solution that works, unlike everything else you may have tried, (acupuncture, homeopathy, healers, drugs, and gallons of cranberry juice).

As a repeat sufferer of bladder health problems, Anna Sawkins finding no permanent medical or alternative health answer to repeat bladder infections, she and John (a fellow sufferer), researched early trials ( 1950’s) in the USA on D Mannose. After using D Mannose successfully, Anna and John decided to source an exceptionally good quality version of natural D Mannose that could be produced according to their own requirements (i.e. no damaging chemicals and certified contaminant free). It worked so well that other people needed to know that there really was an answer was out there. Thus, Sweet Cures came into being. We have our own clean-room packing facility and now supply our remarkable product to just about every country in the world, both to trade and private customers. We never 'white box' our product to allow other companies to put their own brand on it. If a product comes from us, it will say Waterfall D mannose on the packaging and we guarantee its quality from bark to end product.

Now that you've found us, we want you to know that you are not alone. We are here for you. We know hundreds of our customers personally. Difficulties in maintaining a healthy bladder can be a difficult thing to have to go through. Often we've been told we were the first people to really understand a customer's problems and we are very proud to serve.

Quality and Customer Service

 So, in addition to trustworthy quality, we are never going to farm our telephones out to a call-centre, so you are always going to get personal attention when you call us, write to us, or email us.

We have developed the knowledge of how to use D Mannose. For example, despite the common myth, that cranberry juice is useful, we discovered that bacteria can metabolise the hippuric acid that cranberry puts into the urine and it makes things worse for most people. Most cranberries contain no D Mannose. Some contain a little, but not nearly enough to make it financially viable to extract it. It would take tons of fresh cranberries to make a small packet of D Mannose. Waterfall D Mannose comes from sweet forest timbers, not cranberry.

Since this is all we have been doing since 2003, we believe that we know more about using D Mannose (in particular, Waterfall D Mannose) for bladder health, than anyone else in the world. We get everyone from customers to practitioners phoning us for advice. We share everything we know and we learn from other every day. It has been so wonderful to see doctors, nurses and urologists gain confidence in our products over the years and share their understanding with their patients. We take great care to protect customers and to seek to complement their doctor’s care responsibly.

Fast delivery is as important to us as it is to you. Every order that comes in before the last post is dispatched the same day that we get it from Monday to Friday.

  • Call us on +44 (0)1904 789559 or Fax us on +44 (0)1904 789614

  • Email us on Anna-and-John@sweet-email

  • Write to us at Sweet Cures, Unit 7, Pyramid Court, York, YO26 5NB

  • You are welcome to come and see us.

  • Securely order our wonderful Waterfall D Mannose product online, for fast Free UK delivery, and Courier or Insured Airmail delivery anywhere else in the world directly from Sweet Cures.

  • You can obtain Waterfall Dmannose only from us and our approved outlets, and you won't find Waterfall Dmannose sold under any other name, because we don't allow that.

  • In the rare event that something goes wrong with a delivery, we will fix it.

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